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Forces Julien Guinand

Editions 205 2011
Hardback, 1st edition
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From publisher: Photographs with meditative contents: concentrated characters, isolated objects, given up nature, unexpected fires or stopped animals� But the calm one is only apparent. They are gunners, this is shelters of hunting, work of the ground, engines, speed and collision, elsewhere inexorable growth of the vegetation or even of the irresistible folds of geology� All the work of Julien Guinand is about the representation of the forces. The force appears everywhere but it remains a mystery. The concept even is the object of an old controversy between physicists. For some, the force is unperceivable even non-existent (only exist vectors). For the others, �the� forces are perceptible, the touch for example makes it possible to make the experiment of it. At all events, to represent the forces amounts inventing the image of what is tested without being seen. In an intuitive way but with constancy, the work of Julien Guinand gets busy to defy this invisibility. Text in French/English. Edition of 1000 copies.

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