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Floaters Mayumi Hosokura

Waterfall 2014
Softcover 1st edition

£30.00 £20.00 SALE

This series was first photographed in 2012, when Hosokura participated artist-in-residency programme in Taipei. The outcome was produced through a complex combination of analogue and digital print techniques to approach the immateriality of an image against the materiality of medium. In the photographs each image appears ambivalently and unfixed, as if its floating on the print forever. The photographer describes her experience as something like a fever, and it made her think of photography as an ambiguous medium, floating between its materiality and visuality. She has turned all the elements, such as the tropical nature, climate, and the youth with animation, into a new sensation in a form of photography.

Elegant softcover within a PVC sleeve.

Limited edition of 500 copies.