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DDSBs (signed) John Darwell

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DDSBs (signed) John Darwell

mynewtpress 2013
Hardback, 1st edition

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Over the past few years I have observed with increasing fascination the growing number of discarded dog sh*t bags (DDSBs – it feels to me that there should be an apostrophe after the b but I’m told this is not the case!) I encounter whilst out walking in open countryside, urban parklands and even suburban streets.

Yes, there are health implications in leaving dog poop around in its natural state, but frankly it’s far less easy to see the stuff (and therefore less offensive) if it isn't bagged. Yet, is this purely about not wishing to be caught by the ever-watchful dog police? Do we want to be seen to dutifully bag Rover’s poop, but then, surreptitiously, when no one’s looking, we dispose of the offending article in the nearest bush, throw it in the river or hang it on the adjacent fence (in a misplaced belief that once bagged it ceases to be the dog owner’s responsibility)?

Whatever the reasoning, the DDSB has very quickly become a feature of our global environment; well, those environments that don’t have more to worry about than dog poop.

 - [extract from book introduction by John Darwell]

Signed edition of 200 copies, supplied appropriately in a black plastic bag.

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