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Catalogue (signed) Vincent Delbrouck

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Catalogue (signed) Vincent Delbrouck

Near fine(see below)
Self 2016
Softcover 1st edition
Currently Out of stock

"This catalogue was made after my art residency and solo show in Mulhouse (Biennial of Photography) and the solo show at Foam 3h, this year. It is a book made by chance.

It is now the intuitive and flooded river of my working process, with images from a variety of sources (and periods) : c-prints, collages, installations views, photocopies, pages from my Revisited Cuban book,...

This random book is printed on glossy magazine paper, resulting in a sprawling and flexible publication that is not just documenting a working process, but also becomes part of it, as an experimental "anti-catalogue" reflecting the same energy as Anti-poetry.

Each copy is unique, made of randomly stacked sheets printed only on the recto and coming with a unique and extra overs sheet bonus (overprint) hidden somewhere in the flow."

- Vincent Delbrouck

Edition of 480 unique copies.  Signed copy.

Last copy, some rubbing/wear to edges of cover.

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