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Cascade (signed) Yasuhiro Ogawa

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Cascade (signed) Yasuhiro Ogawa

Sokyusha 2017
Hardback, 1st edition
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"Cascade is a book dedicated to my mother who passed away in 2016. Following my mother’s death I was in the apartment where she had lived,  I sorted through her belongings and came across an old confectioners’ box full of 8mm home movie reels at the back of a closet. I projected them on the wall of her apartment and watched them for the first time in three decades.  That experience triggered vivid memories of my mother and my childhood days. I watched them again, this time a camera in my hand. Then almost in a trance, I pressed and pressed the shutter on the camera. Image after image, flowing over in showering cascades, brimming my consciousness with myriad sights and scenes."

- Yasuhiro Ogawa

Edition of 500 copies.  Signed.

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