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Bottom Of The Lake (first edition) Christian Patterson

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Bottom Of The Lake (first edition) Christian Patterson

Koenig 2015
Softcover 1st edition

£45.00 £30.00 SALE

Bottom of the Lake is a 256-page facsimile of artist Christian Patterson's family telephone book for his hometown, Fond du Lac ("Bottom of the Lake"), Wisconsin, printed in 1973, soon after Patterson's birth.

This artist's book includes found markings and reproductions of materials inserted in the phone book in addition to Patterson's drawings, photographs and marginalia. This book-within-a-book carefully combines the fact-based phone book with the artist's highly subjective re-imagination of his hometown, playfully juxtaposing different documentary forms and ways of seeing to create a deeply personal, darkly humorous "other" book.

The experience of reading Bottom of the Lake extends beyond its pages with an interactive feature: a telephone number attached to the book connects users with over 100 audio experiences, mixing field recordings, found archival material and performances that recreate the artist's hometown.

Out of print 1st edition/1st printing.

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