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Behind The Glass (signed) Alexandra Catiere

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Behind The Glass (signed) Alexandra Catiere

Chose Commune 2018
Hardback 1st edition
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Behind the Glass takes its title from Alexandra Catiere’s series shot in Minsk and Moscow in 2005-2006. Curated and designed by Chose Commune, this book brings together photographs from this early unpublished series with additional selected images. Included is a new set of photograms; the artist’s latest camera-less experiments composed of light, sensitized paper, pebbles and grass.

For the past 15 years, Alexandra Catiere has illuminated faces, bodies and things that weave an emotional and intimate narrative. Behind the Glass is designed for each reader to contemplate her images in their own way as each double spread can be opened to reveal another photograph. The constellation of photographs published here creates a new portrait of life as it travels across her path.

Signed copy.

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