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Avec Le Coeur (2nd edition) Theo Gosselin

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Avec Le Coeur (2nd edition) Theo Gosselin

Editions du LIC 2014
Hardback 2nd edition

£85.00 IN STOCK

The debut monograph from Théo Gosselin. A curation of the photographer's most interesting work to date presented in a limited edition hardcover book. Originally from Le Havre in the Haute-Normandie region of northern France, photographer and filmmaker Théo Gosselin currently divides his time between Paris and Amiens. Whilst clearly indebted to the photography of Ryan McGinley, Nan Goldin and Larry Clark, unlike the self-confessed "pseudo-fiction" of McGinley's work, the subjects in Théo Gosselin's images are friends rather than models, and the situations are not mythic constructions but glimpses of an underground lifestyle in a post-9/11 and post-AIDS world in which social media has blurred the boundaries between public and private, and between being documented and simply being. Deliberately cinematic, Gosselin's photography reveals friends in the act of escaping from their regular lives into newly enticing and perilous modes of existence, ever in search of the persistent though elusive idea of freedom.

2nd edition of this popular collection of work.

Out of print.  Final copies still sealed.

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