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Ango (signed) Sakiko Nomura

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Ango (signed) Sakiko Nomura

Bookshop M 2017
Hardback, 1st edition
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A collaboration between graphic designer Satoshi Machiguchi and Japanese photographer Sakiko Nomura.

“Sakiko Nomura: Ango” is part of a literary project by publisher and graphic designer Satoshi Machiguchi. In the space of a book, photographs by contemporary Japanese artists meet with works of Japanese literature to form a new kind of expression. After collaborating with Daido Moriyama for the first three entries in the series, Machiguchi decided to work with Sakiko Nomura for this fourth and latest issue.

Sakiko Nomura’s stunning, sensual photographs interact with the 1946 short-story “The War and a Woman” by Ango Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi’s powerful story, heavily censored by the American authorities at the time of its release, describes a brutal and remorseless image of the crushing force that is war. Nomura’s images and Sakaguchi’s words interact to draw out new nuances in each other.

English edition.

Signed copy.

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