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And where did the peacocks go Miho Kajioka

And where did the peacocks go Miho Kajioka

the(m) editions 2018
Softcover 1st trade edition

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'Right after the Fukushima nuclear plant accident, I found a blog about peacocks that were left in the evacuation zone, within the 20km limit.

I started imagining those peacocks, walking around the empty town with their beautiful wings spread.

The image I had in my mind seemed so far away from what was going on in Fukushima. It was as if two different layers of images - the disaster scene and beautiful peacocks - were overlapping with each other without being unified.

I started to see different layers in almost everything after the disaster in 2011.'

- Miho Kajioka

Trade edition of 400 numbered copies.  Text in English and Japanese.

Sold out, back in stock 20th December, reserve your copy now.

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