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12 Months of Winter Issue 1 (signed) Jacob Aue Sobol

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12 Months of Winter Issue 1 (signed) Jacob Aue Sobol

Self 2016
Softcover 1st edition
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12 Months of Winter is the new Jacob Aue Sobol catalogue collection. A new limited edition catalogue will be published every month throughout 2016.

This is the first issue, entitled Onse & Axel.

'I meet Axel in a bar near my studio.  He is 89 years old.  He tells me about his girlfriend Onse, and how they fell in love 10 years ago.  He invites me to visit them.  Onse is 99 years old.  She used to be a photographer and travelled all over the world.  She still dreams about travelling. Axel, on the other hand, feels more comfortable in Denmark, but he listens to all the stories Onse has to tell from her travels. They live apart, but every weekend Axel comes to visit.  Until last year they slept together, but now Onse has a special bed from the hospital with no room for Axel. "But we still kiss", Axel says.'

- Jacob Aue Sobol


Edition of 1000 copies, all signed.



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