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 Polaroids Zara Carpenter

Self 2019
Softcover 1st edition
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Over the last couple of years Zara Carpenter has made work using photography as her medium. Taking an unconventional approach to an otherwise process driven medium her images brim with vibrance and energy. This book features a selection from Zara's ongoing series of self-portraits on Polaroid and offers a unique dive into the work at this particular point in time.

“I take photographs of my body using Polaroid cameras. Whilst the image is still developing I use a range of different materials and techniques to disrupt the chemistry. Relinquishing control of the outcome, embracing accidents and mistakes allows an unknown factor to play a part in the creation of the work.

When I started this ongoing body of work I thought it was about me trying to visualise the experience of pain, but over the past year I have come to realise it is more about working through past trauma. Exorcising it. Allowing myself to sit with it, bring it to the surface and expel it from me and in to the images I make. An act of catharsis.”  

Zara Carpenter

Handbound softcover printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper, 36 pages + an 8 page insert of black-and-white images (on nude coloured paper).

100 numbered copies.

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