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Nagisa Hotel by Hajime Sawatari

Nagisa Hotel by Hajime Sawatari

Super Labo 2015
Softcover 1st edition

£28.00 In stock

I took these photographs around 1963 and 1964 at Nagisa Hotel in Zushi, Nagisa Hotel in Shinagawa, and Chigasaki Beach. The subject was my girlfriend, her initials Y.O. Back then I worked at a design firm in Ginza, Tokyo, and I photographed them in seven or eight sessions we had on my days off. It was my hope to have them published in the monthly magazine Camera Mainichi, but Shoji Yamagishi, the editor, did not approve. It has been 50 years since then and my wish has finally been fulfilled.

Limited edition of 800 copies (split between two cover, please specify preference if you have one).

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